The back drop

If you are wondering about our sites backdrop then I can say for sure you my friend are not an 100% Amigan. For what you are seeing is the under side of the A1000 lid. Inside of the case is engraved with the signatures of the Amiga designer including the paw print of Jay Miner’s dog Mitchy.

Signed Amiga 1000 lid

Signed Amiga 1000 lid

Love to hear from you

Over its short live a number of Amagans put pen to paper for the publication. I would like to thank the following peoples;

Daniel Hajduk
Darren Robertson
Dear Dianna (who just happens to be my wife)
Geoff Milnes
Grant Regan
Guy Nathan
Igor Mercier
James Wilson
Jason Compton
Joachim Biekey
Max Frost
Michael Gruber
Norman Cantrell
Paul Graham
Paul Morabito
Peter Hutchison
Phil Scarrold
Stewart Menday
Vicent Morton